How To: Add Users to Private Portal

Now that your Vimeo OTT site has been enabled for Private Portal, you will be able to add users via a bulk import or individually.  If you're not sure if your site is enabled for Private Portal, contact your Vimeo Solutions lead or Account Manager for more information! 

Adding Users to the Portal Portal 

1. Add Users via Bulk Import: This unique feature of the Private Portal that will allow you to upload up to 100 users at a time. 

  • First, Prep your .csv file to include all of the users you would like to import using this template doc
    • Column A will include email only. 
    • Column B will include first and last name. 
    • You may include up to 100 contact per .csv file to be uploaded. Multiple files can be added. 
  • Navigate to the Activity dropdown in the menu bar
  • Select Customers
  • Click on Add Users and Upload .csv

  • Click on Import

  • Choose your file from your computer or drag and drop! Then click Import.

2. Add individual users: Forget someone on your list? No need to upload a .csv for just one or two individuals. 

  • Navigate to the Activity dropdown in the menu bar
  • Select Customers
  • Click on Enter email
  • List the individual emails you would like to grant access to (separated by commas)
  • Hit Add

Notifying Your Private Portal Users of Access 

As you add/upload your user base, you will be prompted as to whether or not you would like to notify your customers that they have been added to the Private Portal. 

  • This feature is available whether the users are added in bulk. 
  • Selecting this box will notify your users via email that they have been granted access to the Portal and initiate the user authentication flow.
  • If you would like to notify users directly by passing along the Private Portal link or in a distributed email, you may choose not to check this box. However, please note that there isn not a way to retroactively initiate a notification from inside the platform. 

User Authentication Flow 

When a user is prompted to enter the Private Portal site, they will be asked to input their email address. If the user email is found on the customer list in the admin, you may choose to grant them access in one of two ways: 

  1. Create a Password (default): Users will create password so that they may login at any time via their email and password credentials. 
  2. Magic Link: Once authenticated, user will be emailed a temporary link to access the portal without having to create a password. 

If you would prefer to enable your Private Portal to grant access via Magic Link, please alert your Vimeo Solutions lead who will enable this feature for you.