Customizing Your Apps: TV

The following elements go into the customization of your TV app (Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku):

  • Splash
  • Logo
  • Gate background
  • Gate text color
  • Button color
  • Side bar color
  • Side bar text color

TV Splash

The Splash Screen appears briefly when a user launches your TV app.

Best Practice: Striking, simple graphics drawing focus to your logo make the most of this loading screen. Users often have only a second to view the Splash Screen.

TV Log-In

The Log-In Gate appears to logged-out users when they attempt to watch content or access features requiring an account.

Users can create an account, log-in to their existing account, or return to the Explore Interface.

TV Explore

The Explore Interface is how users browse your video content.

Users can tap into videos, Collections, or Categories to see details and to start watching, if they have access to the content. There are many different screens within the Explore Interface, but your branding elements remain consistent throughout.

Use the Featured Carousel and Video Thumbnails to maximize your branding throughout the app.