Setting Up Interactivity Tools on Live Events

Increase engagement during your live events by creating live chats, opening polls, and holding question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions. 

Live Polls allow you to insert questions into your live stream for viewers to respond to via Vimeo Live Chat. Polls can be used to gather feedback from viewers (answers ranked by percentage) or as a quiz (one option being the correct response). You can have as many polls as you’d like per stream, but only one poll may be open at a time. On desktop, you’ll see the chat surface next to the video. On mobile, the chat will surface beneath the video.

Live Q&A will allow you to engage with your audience by accepting and moderating questions from viewers, and having viewers vote to order questions based on popularity, which publishes the question to the stream so you can ultimately answer them.

To set these up, first ensure you enable chat when first setting up your live event. This must be enabled on for Live Polls and Q&A’s to function.

Creating a Live Poll:

  • Select Polls from the tab to the left of the page.
  • Click “Create poll.”
  • Enter the question that you would like to display to your viewers.
  • This question can have up to four answers for your viewers, and you’re able to select one of the answers as the correct choice by clicking the star icon associated with that option. 
  • Go live!
  • Then, select “Open poll” to show this poll and allow viewers to participate.
  • You can choose to “Show graphic,” which will show the poll options on the stream itself. The percentages will continue to change as viewers partake.

Closing a Live Poll:

  • Click “Publish results” to close the polls so no more responses can be accepted.
  • You can continue to use the “Show graphic/Hide graphic” button to display or hide the final results.
  • If you no longer need the results, click “Archive.”

Creating a Live Q&A:

  • Select Questions from the tab to the left of the page.
  • Click “Start Q&A.”
  • This will notify your viewers that they can begin to submit questions. 
  • Using the dropdown menu, you can view your questions by selecting Popular Questions, Most Recent, and Archived to see the answered/rejected questions.

Moderating a Live Q&A:

  • Once you select Q&A from the tab on the left, be sure to toggle Moderate Q&A to on.

  • Once you go live, your Viewers will be able to Submit questions for review.
  • Once they ask, these questions will appear in your Pending queue. 
  • From there, you can hover over the question and opt to Archive or Approve, which will shift it into the Approved or Archived column. Approving will surface the question to all viewers on the stream. Archiving it will archive the question, and ensure it does not appear to your viewers.

  • Role Permissions: Any admin or account owner can moderate a Q&A. At the moment, only one person can moderate a Q&A at a time.

Publishing Answers:

  • When you’d like to answer a question, select the question and then click answer. 
  • You then have the option to show graphic which publishes the question to your stream as a lower-third.
  • When you’ve finished answering the question, click archive to remove the graphic overlay and remove the question from the list. You may also archive questions without answering them or publishing them to the stream.
  • Note that you’re not able to moderate the Questions that appear in the chat at this time. 

Closing a Live Q&A:

  • To end your Q&A session, click End Q&A below the list of questions.

Saving data from Live Polls and Q&As:

  • Once you end a live event, you can export the data into a CSV by clicking Export in the right hand corner of your side panel.