Apple: Section I - Basic Information

Part I Creating Your Apple ID
Part II Before You Enroll

Part I - Creating Your Apple ID

Before you can begin the enrollment process for your Apple developer account, you will be required to have an Apple ID

Your Apple ID is an email address and password used to sign-in to your Apple device and access Apple services such as the App Store, iMessage, iCloud, and FaceTime. It also is attributed to all contact, payment, and security details you’ll use across Apple services.

  • If you already use an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), you most likely already have an Apple ID created! 
  • If you do not, you are able to create one here.

Once you have an Apple ID created, please be sure to enable two-factor authentication. This will be required for you to move forward with the developer account enrollment process.

Part II - Before You Enroll

Now, that you have your Apple ID, you’re ready to begin the enrollment process for an Apple developer account! Before you get started, we'd like to share some important information that you'll need to know!

  1. What is required to enroll for an Apple Developer Account?
    1. A valid Apple ID (with two-factor authentication enabled)
    2. A valid D-U-N-S number (more on this in the next section!)
    3. Legal entity status
    4. A person with legal binding authority
    5. Banking and tax information
    6. Business contacts
  2. Are there fees involved in creating a developer account?
    1. Apple charges an annual fee of $99 for as long as your developer account remains active

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