Tips for providing your own customer support

Vimeo OTT has a 24/7 Buyer Support team to assist your customers with any account, billing, or technical issues they may have. But if you’d like to provide your own customer support, we can help with that too. Here’s how it works:

Help Center

When providing your own customer support, we’ve found it’s best to manage your own help center. That way you have total control over the topics and wording of your resources, as well as how those resources are maintained. 

When you have your own Help Center, we will simply replace your Help Center links on your site. 

Note: Currently apps are not able to link to external pages, so we will only be able to control the behavior of the “contact us” link in the mobile apps. 

We know that a Help Center is a lot to maintain, so you can still use the templated version provided by Vimeo OTT when providing your own support. You can rely on these articles to help users with common issues.

Contact Forms

Our web and app Help Centers by default have contact forms that direct inquiries to our Buyer Support team. When you provide your own support, we replace the “Contact us” links with your designated support address. 

If you’d like to take it further and build your own Contact Form, we can replace those links with the form you’d like to use. Alternatively, if you provide your own Help Center as mentioned above, you can fully control how your customers can contact you.

Getting help from our teams

Your support team will likely run into requests you occasionally won’t be able to handle. For instance, there currently is no tool for you to issue your own refunds. But we’ve made it easy to get help from us. 

There are two ways to get help, based on whether you wish to continue the conversation with your customer, or would like for us to take it over:

  1. Continuing the conversation with your customer: If you just need help knowing how to respond or getting us to take an action on your customer’s account that’s not available to you, reach out to Enterprise Support using the seller contact form, or the direct email address. Our support team will respond directly to you.
  2. Handing the conversation off to our Buyer Support team: If you already have a thread going with a customer, you can simply forward it to our Buyer Support team using the address. Our Buyer Support team will then change the recipient to your customer’s address and continue the conversation with them directly. A few things to note: 
    1. These requests become standard support tickets with our team, so you will not be CC’d on our replies. 
    2. Your customers will see your message to us, but after that, it will be a 1:1 interaction between your customer and our support team. 
    3. This address only works when you, the seller, forwards to it. CC’ing or providing it to your customers to reach out to directly will not work.

The options for getting support are also summarized here.  

If you’d like to provide your own customer support, reach out to your account manager and they’ll help you get set up.