Migrating Existing Vimeo Accounts

If you have existing Vimeo accounts, we can help you consolidate them into your Vimeo Enterprise account. Here's a look at the process:

  1. Your Implementation Manager will provide you with a list of Vimeo accounts associated with your organization's domain(s) so you can review and determine which accounts to consolidate. 
  2. Since we retain your original video ID, most links and embeds will continue to work. Our team will inform you of any videos that may be impacted by our Privacy Hash update, which applies to embedded videos using the Unlisted privacy setting. 
  3. After you approve it, your Implementation Manager will complete the consolidation within two weeks.

What to expect?

  • A new folder will be created in your destination Enterprise account for each source account.

  • All folders from each source account will be copied as subfolders in the corresponding folder in the destination account.

  • The account owner of each source account will be added as a contributor to the corresponding folder in the destination account. If that folder is a Private to Me folder, this user will be the only user with access. NOTE: Upon your request, we will disable Private To Me folders in an Enterprise account after the migration.

  • All videos from each source account will be moved into the destination account and will no longer exist in the original source account.
  • Your videos will retain their original ID, meaning most links and embeds will remain active. 

What will migrate?

  • Video ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Original Video Upload
  • Video Transcodes
  • Version History
  • Review Comments
  • User Comments
  • Transcripts/Captions
  • Interactive Elements
  • Interactivity Elements (chapters, cards, forms)
  • Associated Folders & Sub-folders
  • Privacy Settings / Embed Domain Restrictions
  • Thumbnail
  • Date Added
  • Vimeo Create Elements (non-editable)

What will NOT migrate?

  • Video Analytics
  • Upcoming Live Events
  • Associated Showcases / Channels / Portfolios
  • Player Embed Presets
  • Review Page URLs
  • API Apps
  • Vimeo Create Projects

Your users

  • Your Implementation Manager will provide a list of Team Members (should they exist) and allow you to determine if any users should be transferred to the Enterprise account. 

Once you're ready to proceed, reach out to your onboarding team and we'll get this kicked off.