Apple: Section III - Configuring Your Account

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Part I Inviting Vimeo to Your Developer Account
Part II Accepting the "Free Apps'" and "Paid Apps" Agreements

Part I - Inviting Vimeo to Your Developer Account

Congratulations! If you've made it this far, you should now have your very own Apple developer account!

Your next step will be to invite the Vimeo Apps team to your developer account. 

  • This will allow your applications to be published under your business name and greatly increase visibility within the Apple App Store. Additionally, if you will be offering in-application subscriptions, those payments will go directly to you!
  • The Vimeo Apps team is not able to configure your Developer Account completely. These elements will still require your intervention - but we’re available to offer guidance and support where we can!

You will start this process within App Store Connect.

  • App Store Connect is the dashboard where a user can manage their applications, see analytics + payment details, and more. 
  • Adding the Vimeo Apps team into your account will provide permissions to manage your application and app store-listing in preparation for launch and any post-launch updates / maintenance on your behalf.
Select the “Users and Access” icon. You will then be brought to the "Users and Access" page.

Select the blue “+” icon. This will open the “New User” prompt. Then, you will be adding Vimeo as a user with the below details:

  • First Name: VHX
  • Last Name: Apps
  • Email Address:
  • Roles: Select “Admin”
  • Apps: Leave "All Apps" selected
  • Developer Resources: Select "Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles"
  • Select “Invite” to send an invitation to our team
  • Inform your Technical Program Manager once this has been done

Part II - Accepting the "Free Apps" and "Paid Apps" Agreement

Configuring your Apple developer account for use with Vimeo OTT will require you to complete any agreements they present. Generally, this falls under two main types:

  1. Apple Developer Program Membership Agreement + "Free Apps" Agreement
  2. "Paid Apps" Agreement

Even though Vimeo has been invited to your Apple developer account as an “Admin,” we are unable to fill-out and accept these agreements on your behalf. They must be completed by the Account Owner.

Where are these Agreements located?

The Apple Developer Program Membership agreement can be found within Apple’s Developer website. It is necessary for the following:

  1. App ID registration
  2. Service key creation and management for your application
  3. Maintaining your Apple Developer Program Contract - keeping you as an active and authorized developer account within Apple

The "Free Apps" and "Paid Apps" agreement can be found within App Store Connect, under the “Agreements, Tax, and Banking” section.

What is the "Paid Apps" Agreement?

The "Paid Apps" agreement is required for any service that is intending to sell applications for a price or provide in-application subscriptions within the Apple App Store.

Though your service may not support in-application subscriptions, Apple may still surface this contract within App Store Connect. If so, you cannot undo this action or revert to the Developer Program License Agreement for "Free Apps." The Account Owner will need to accept this agreement.

To accept and complete a "Paid Apps" agreement, you will need to perform the following steps:

Find the Paid Applications agreement and select 'View Terms'

Verify your legal entity and input your tax information to accept all terms. 

U.S. tax forms must be completed for ALL developers, even if you are based outside the U.S. For any questions related to completing tax forms, please contact Apple here


Apple requires all business contact roles to be filled in in order to successfully submit your "Paid Apps" agreement. If needed, you can add the same contact information to multiple roles in order to complete this section. If you do not fill out all business contact roles, Apple will show the "Paid Apps" agreement as incomplete.


Once you have successfully accepted all terms of the "Paid Apps" agreement, the status will read "Active" with a green circle icon. Additionally, there will be no tasks listed under the "Action" column.

Do these Agreements Expire?

Yes! Apple will routinely update both the "Free Apps" and "Paid Apps" agreements that are required of all developers on their platform several times a year. That means we’ll need some assistance from you! 

When a new agreement is available to be signed, you will be notified with an alert in App Store Connect. 

Without these agreements being up-to-date, our Apps team will be blocked from performing the following tasks on your behalf:

  1. Ship new versions of your iOS and / or tvOS applications
  2. Submit pricing / free-trial changes for in-application subscriptions
  3. Adjust store marketing information, such as screenshots, descriptions, search keywords, etc.

Optional: App Store Small Business Program

By default, Apple takes a 30% commission on all purchases made within their App Store. Learn more about fees from the stores here. Apple offers a reduced commission of 15% through their Small Business Program. Businesses earning up to $1 million USD annually are eligible to apply. 

To apply: 

  • Read through Apple's FAQ and make sure you are eligible for the program.
  • If so, click Enroll now on this page.
  • When asked for Associated Developer Accounts, you do not need to list Vimeo OTT as we do not qualify under Apple’s definition of this kind of account. 

If you have questions about the App Store Small Business Program, please contact Apple's Developer support team directly.

Once you complete the above, your Apple developer account should be configured properly for use with the Vimeo OTT platform!

Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions section for further information about your Apple developer account. If the answer you're looking for is not there, please ask your Technical Program Manager and we'll do our best to guide you in the right direction!